Carrie Cox

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Hello, My Beautiful Friends!

I started my career as a 2nd generation Certified Bonnie Prudden Myotherapist. Along my journey in discovering my own light, I received training in Metaphysical Science and Mysticism. I have transformed into a Reiki Master, a Transformational Guide, Channeler, and Spiritual Teacher.

I started my journey by specializing in alleviating muscle pain and dysfunction. It did not take me long to find the connection to the body with the state of the mind and spirit. In some cases, the muscles would not respond as well to just the muscle work, until I started making this connection for people. Pain was associated to more than just accidents and injuries. Unprocessed emotions and the unhappiness people felt in their lives was a major contributor.

Muscle therapy, chiropractic care, etc can work for most people on its own, but the pain usually returns somewhere later in life. The root cause lays dormant waiting for another day to rear its ugly head to try and get your attention once again. Pain is a message the body brings to us that says something in the mind, body or spirit is out of balance and needs to be addressed. It’s asking us to make a change, and when we ignore the pain, it continues to get worse and worse.

I have been blessed to have witnessed countless times how pain is one of our greatest teachers. If we are willing to go into the pain and face our shadows….. to look into the darkness…. there we will find why our body started using physical pain to get our attention in the first place.

My purpose is to teach others how to use their personal power to build a connection between their mind, body and spirit. It is in this connection that we discover our true authentic selves, our purpose in life and a realization that we have the ability to co-create a magical and beautiful life.


It is through my own inner work, I have been able to build a magical and fairytale relationship with my twin flame and have helped others do the same. I am grateful for all of the wonderful people I have met along the way and cannot wait to meet you too. 

My Spiritual Awakening | My Twin Flame Journey

My spiritual awakening started happening in 2012 after being diagnosed with stage 4 thyroid cancer.

At the time, I was 34 years old and had 3 small children. I was unaware of how the world of western medicine operated. You see, I was born a truth seeker and that was the whole reason why my blocks manifested as thyroid cancer, in the neck, because I was not living or speaking my truth. 

When I received my diagnosis, the only thing on my mind at that time was to get cancer free. My kids needed a mom. So I went forward with a full thyroid removal and had 48 lymph nodes removed from the right side of my neck. 

Over the course of the next several years I ended up with metabolism and weight issues because of having my thyroid removed. I was unhappy with my body, my marriage and my job. It got to a point where I needed to make changes because I felt like I was suffocating and drowning. And, I wanted to know out why!

So I began making changes in my life, looking for my path to wholeness.

When I finally admitted that my marriage was unfulfilling for me, this is when I started to learn that life was happening for me, not to me. So I began making changes in my life that would make my mind, body and spirit as strong as possible.

At the beginning of 2018 the father of my three children and I decided to consciously uncouple with a mutual dedication to support and raise our children in a cohesive and cooperative way.

Many times, relationships end long past their natural ending point. It can be hard and scary to end something we are comfortable in even if it no longer serves a purpose for us. This is because we create attachments to our relationships that are based on our hopes, dreams and expectations of that relationship.

It is in the letting go of those attachments that we start to change our vibrations

Looking back, I can see clearly why the next set of events transpired but at the time I was oblivious to consciousness, mindfulness or awareness. I had never been a spiritual person before. I had created blocks within myself at a young age on spirituality.

As one chapter of my life was closing…..another one was opening!!!

I had always dreamed of a knight and shining armor that would come into my life. In my dreams, there was a way he looked at me, and then I knew it was him. I

suppose it’s a way that every girl mushes about when the handsome prince shows up to rescue her. But what I thought was only a dream, an illusion, a fantasy in my own mind became reality when he showed up in my life.

Our lives seemed so parallel and similar but our paths had never quite crossed.


I started to be a co-creator of my life and did not even know I was at the time

After the rain, we end up with a greater awareness than when we started…..and out comes the sun. After the caterpillar, comes the butterfly. After struggle comes a shift in consciousness. It’s opportunity to uncover who we are and why we are here.

The Day My Divine Masculine Walked into My Life…….

I had started talking to my twin flame on a dating app and before we had met in person there was so much familiarity about him that kept triggering me. We grew up in the same town so we kept comparing stories of what schools we went to, people we knew and where we had hung out throughout our lives.

This was the day my divine counterpart and I decided to meet for a lunch date. I was nervous, as I stood on the sidewalk waiting for this complete stranger to approach me. I had millions of thoughts from old programming and beliefs running through my head like…… I hope my makeup looks good, is my hair perfect, is this outfit I chose sexy enough…….turns out….this was my twin flame, so none of that mattered much. He was going to fall in love with me regardless.

As he walked up to me and we greeted one another, he confidently (like a true divine masculine does) stuck his arm out for me to hold onto and he walked me to the restaurant. A sense of safety washed over me like a tidal wave and I walked with my divine masculine that day feeling safe, protected and truly confident in my own femininity.


Everything about getting to know him was so different than anything I have ever experienced in the past. I could be open and honest with him. There was never any games. It was just EASY. I was never afraid of judgement and being my true self came out very quickly. It was through his eyes that I learned how beautiful I truly was as a woman, as a human and as a soul.

Turns out he would be instrumental in my own personal development. It has been through the lens of the mirror he created for me that I have found how to love myself, where my ego gets in the way, how to open my heart to love in different ways and to be able to connect to others at deeper levels.

We have been able to come into union and create a beautiful life together. We got married and have blended 2 beautiful sets of children, made a home for ourselves, we go on adventures and explore nature together because we are the children of the sun.

I can honestly say that I am truly blessed and grateful for the life I am living!

Carrie Cox