11 Signs You Met Your Twin Flame

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

How do you know if you met your twin flame? You just do!

Remember you don’t FALL in love with your twin flame, you remember that you always loved them, and then deepen that love.

11 Signs You Met Your Twin Flame:

  1. SYNCHRONICITY– like seeing 111 or 1111. 11:11 is the twin flame number. Seeing these numbers is the universe’s way of nudging you to pay attention. Many notice these numbers right before they meet their twin or right after. If you are seeing 444, the synchronicity of 444 means awakening.

  2. TWINS MEET IN WEIRD WAYS– The universe will guide you to meet your twin flame. Often the situation surrounding meeting them is unique. Your twin may also not be your typical “type”. Twin flames may have age gaps. Ultimately, it won’t matter because there is a desire to be with one another no matter what obstacles are in your way

  3. HEART CHAKRA ACTIVATION – The heart chakra is where you are attached to one another – anchored together. When the heart chakra is activated, you will feel this energy activation. You experience heart palpitations, stomach flutters, chest tightening, feel their presence, and they invade your senses.

  4. DEJA JU RECOGNITION or familiarness between you and your twin when you meet, it called a soul recognition. When you meet your Twin Flame, there is an instant feeling of “knowing” and connection. You might feel like you have met before but can’t place when or where.

  5. THEY FEEL LIKE HOME- There is an immediate instant deep connection for one another that feels like a sense of completion that goes beyond words. There is a magnetic pull that attracts the two of you together. The higher your frequency the stronger the pull will be. You feel more positive and relaxed around them. The energy you share when together tunes and balances you.

  6. INTENSE PASSION– An overwhelming sense of love and attraction for this person. The draw is all about vibes over appearances. It comes down to how you feel not how you see them. It can be electrifying when you are around one another and painful to be apart. You can’t get the other off your mind, you find yourself wanting to be around this person all the time. Twin flames can experience the purest form of love between two souls. There is an ebb and flow between you that creates an intimacy that is pure and raw that leaves you incredibly vulnerable.

  7. PARALLEL EXPERIENCES– Twin flames often have similar life experiences. Similar life experiences help you too understand and help the other; making you more powerful, wiser and stronger together. Often, at the core, the two of you will have very similar personalities. You will reflect the light and shadow sides of each other.

  8. TELEPATHY – Your telepathic connection is strong with one another. You are able to feel one another’s feelings even if you and your twin flame are separated by distance. It can be as simple as knowing they are thinking about you or as strong as knowing the other is in pain. You are able to feel one another’s emotions. You will also find you complete each other’s sentences or have the same dreams at night.

  9. MORE THAN LOVERS – you are each other’s best friend, therapist. It is more than just a romantic love, it is a mind connection, a heart connection and a soul connection. This true unconditional love will feel complete.

  10. RAISE IN FREQUENCY OR CONSCIOUSNESS. Meeting your twin flame can cause a spiritual awakening. Your energy or frequency will lift the other higher. This raise in frequency will raise your awareness and create a better understanding of life here on Earth. Twin flames can reach the highest versions of themselves.

  11. BE YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF– Your twin flame will understand and accept you for who you truly are. Since your inner frequency is the same, you will be able to be your authentic self. You will feel safe to be who you really are without fear of judgement. Your twin flame won’t try to change you and you won’t want to change them. You will feel a sense of peace and wholeness because you will be seen and heard. You will feel understood.

Check out my video on 11 signs you met your twin flame.

Carrie Cox

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