The Twin Flame Journey | It's About You

It’s All About You!!

Many people assume the twin flame journey is only this high vibe, romantic, fairy tale love story………

In all honesty, it is not about the other person at all. It is about you becoming who you truly are. It is about YOU. It will help you in your path of ascension.

The journey is meant to teach you, help you grow and to provide you with a mirror to see yourself in, so you can make changes within.

This Journey Is A FAST TRACK to Ascension.

What is Ascension?

Ascension is the merging with your higher self……which exists in the 5D. Thus it is achieved by opening your heart and reuniting with source. Which can be done by discovering who we authentically are. We are not the ego, the conditioning, the patterns and the identities that were falsely created for us.

As a result, the true essence of who we are is hiding below all of those lower vibrational limitations and illusions set upon us. In order to dig our way out of all of that gunk, we have to align with our higher states of consciousness. This is where we begin to purge and shed those layers or walls that have been built around us for protection.

Your soul has travelled through many lifetimes and dimensions. In these existences you have collected all kinds of fears, patterns and false beliefs which have created all of these fragmented pieces of you. Through all of these lifetimes and traumas you have identified with your ego self and lost touch with your real self. You forgot who you really are and that you are one with the Divine.

What Is The Difference Between Spiritual Awakening and Ascension?

A spiritual awakening happens when we “wake up” or realize that we are one with source. You understand there is more happening around us than this 3D experience. You know there is more than this physical realm. Thus, you are gaining a higher perspective and start to gain knowledge of this bigger plan.

After you discover you are one with everything, a deeper understanding forms about vibrations, frequencies and the world around us. Ascension is elevating or “lifting” that vibration to higher levels. This rising up can be achieved using meditation to expand your level of consciousness and open you up to higher vibrations and frequencies.

As we are going through this process, we are awakening and activating to DNA codes and light codes that were already inside of us. They were laying dormant waiting for us to “wake up.” Upon meeting our twin, this process starts automatically. Those lower vibrations and past experiences start to clear away so you can take part in the ascension process.

The Twin Flame Connection is About Waking Both Couples

Seeing the illusion – Shedding – rebirth

It is important to recognize that if you are in separation from your twin, the disharmony that you are experiencing is not about your relationship with the twin. The disharmony lies is with you and your soul (not you and your partner).

To heal this: one must shift the energy within

You only have two choices at this point in your twin flame journey: Play out the past in real time over and over Clear out the past energetically

What is playing out today in the twin flame relationship is a repeat of previous lifetimes and deep karmic patterns. Your twin flame is going to bring out every wound while triggering reactions linked to old patterns and beliefs.

You may feel all of your dark shadows rising to the surface……. bringing pain and suffering. And although you may be feeling pain and suffering, the intention is not to hurt you. It is preparing you for your next phase of your evolution of your soul.

After all……….It’s About You

Focus on you!!!!

The more you heal………the more your twin heals. If you are in separation from your twin, stop obsessing over your twin and focus your energy on you.

Carrie Cox

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