Coming Home To Your Soul

There is a beautiful message that the lotus flower provides for us in nature. The message it brings is why ancient writers used the lotus flower in their teachings.

These flowers emerge and flourish in the mud and the muck. When they bloom, the most beautiful petals begin to open layer by layer. And the more it opens, the more it reveals its inner beauty. This represents what we go through when we are practicing a self discovery journey. The more layers of false beliefs, illusions, and unfulfilling relationships we let go, the more our true essence shines through. 

The process we go through in this transformation can be challenging because we have grown to feel safe within our false sense of self. But the illusion here is that what it is really doing is blinding us to our true beauty. And when you go home to your inner beauty, what you discover is that this was the place that was safe and secure the whole time. This is your path home. 

Introducing my line of candles, skin care and meditation pieces that help you to find your path home to better health in your mind, body and spirit. I named my line Bloom because just like the lotus flower, when on a spiritual journey, we are walking the path of the spiral of the flower as it blooms. 

These are plant medicines and should be viewed as such. Formulas have been blended with intention of deep cellular healing and all products are Reiki Infused.